School Fundraising In Oregon

The energy that goes into group participation is found in a school fundraiser. Oregon teachers, students, and parents all get into this activity to raise money for a good cause. Perhaps there is a need for new uniforms for the school band, soccer team, or new playground equipment. Fortunately, dozens of creative projects can make this happen. Try one of the below items.

  • Walk-a-thon
  • Sponsor a Playground Tile
  • The ‘Experiences’ Auction
  • Off the Screens Challenge
  • A Cook-Off or a Bake-Off

Setting up these events and collecting funds directly, donors need convenient ways to send money. Fortunately, with online sources, there are quite a few reliable ways to give money to school fundraisers: Paypal, Amazon pay, Braintree, Google checkout, Authorize.Net, Apple Pay, and more. I would also suggest checking out Adrenaline Fundraising for fast, simple ways to raise money for schools. 


People love to get out for a good walk, and it is quite rewarding to do it for a good cause. Practically anyone can participate, marathon walkers, older people, mothers with strollers, and younger folks. Completing the course is not essential while being involved in the effort is the goal.

What is it? People walk along a stretch of park, road, or a biking trail for a designated distance.

Why host one? The walkathon gives people a chance to learn more about your organization and other things in the community.

How to raise money? Entry fees are paid to participate in the walk. Some will complete the distance while others leisurely walk for the sheer exercise.

Benefits: Promotes healthy activity with physical movement, gets the body going. It is an affordable activity and promotes community cooperation.

Sponsor a Playground Tile

What is it? The Sponsor, a Playground Tile, is a way to increase the equipment students have to use while exercising. Playground additions might include baseball or soccer equipment, swings, and slides.

Why host one? Sponsor a Playground Tile for the benefit of your students and the community.

How to raise money? Contact large corporations, churches, and private donors. These groups have funds set aside for community events and often have the resources to help. Parents, family members, and friends are also happy to see things improved for young students.

Benefits: The improvement of play areas makes things safer for kids while creating an environment that encourages cooperation, promoting a better mood for learning.

The ‘Experiences’ Auction

Develop a fundraising event with a silent auction. People will enjoy the idea of a nice dinner and a chance at buying a valued item. Perhaps a donor might offer an autographed piece of sports memorabilia or a valuable home item.

The possibility of getting a certificate to a lovely resort or coveted restaurant is always an inviting reason for anyone to participate in the experiences auction.

What is it? A chance to give to a good cause while bidding on something you want.

Why host one? People love a dress-up affair and give to a valued group, especially a school fundraising.

How to raise money? Send flyers, advertise on social media and let everyone know about dates and items up for auction. Along with auctioned items, offer dinner or finger food as an added incentive.

Benefits: Great funding for items guests are willing to spend money on while benefiting school funding.

Off the Screens Challenge

Invite your school into the game of off-the-screen challenge. Offer some benefit for those able to stay away from online inter-activities. For many, this is not easy. Families will love the challenge of staying away from the screen while donating to the school fundraiser.

What is it? Off the screen is testing the ability to stay clear of the computer screen.

Why host one? The event is fun and challenging and offers families and friends a chance to connect one on one.

How to raise money? Collect a donation from each family or person wanting to participate. Set a fundraising goal, then decide how many participants are required; however, the more, the better.

Benefits: You will raise the amount needed for your project, and your school family can have fun while the test is discovering a test of willpower.


A Cook-Off/Bake-Off

What is it? Gather the best of the best in the neighborhood or surrounding areas and have a delicious time choosing the winner.

Why host one? A cook-off/bake-off opens the door for new cooking talent. It brings notoriety to deserving individuals, possibly encouraging interest in the community’s restaurant business, and raises funds for a needy cause.

How to raise money? Choose expert chiefs for judges and let the games begin. Hundreds of people are willing to pay a fee to give to a good cause and show off their culinary skills.

Benefits: With a cook-off, you can watch a group come together with the most interesting of skills. People benefit from working together while showing off their skills in the cook tent. Maybe a soufflé is too tricky for some, but the group may love judging many delicious pancakes or a simple hotdog cooked by the worst cook on the list. Now, this is when things get competitive and fun.

Other Fundraising Ideas

Sometime you are not just fundraising specifically for the school itself, but for sports teams or smaller groups in your school. Raising money for a baseball team is another idea to keep in mine. We found a great article about it here:

Along with baseball, here are a few more other school related areas to raise money for:

  • Cheerleading squads
  • Football Teams
  • Soccer clubs
  • Basketball teams
  • Volley ball teams
  • And others…


Earning money for a good cause by initiating a school fundraiser is good for the whole community. Students get the things needed to learn and grow positively. Schools have raised money through scavenger hunts; talent shows let participants show off a few hidden skills and plays.

Some sell artwork donated by a local artist or participate in silent auctions. Some pieces might end up becoming a very nice find for purchasers. In any event, school fundraisers open the door for anyone with a desire to help young people grow.