ghosts in portland oregon

Portland, Oregon There are two, maybe three ghosts that haunt the apartment block on North Albina Avenue. Phenomenon includes knocking noises on doors when there’s no on around late at night, rattling mailboxes and the sighting’s of the apparition’s of two old men in the corridor’s of the apartment. Apartment 101.

First good steps are educating yourself about Oregon and Portland’s racist history of exclusion and violence against people of color, and understanding how the ghosts of that not-so-distant past still.

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Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Portland and Oregon Coast [Jeff Dwyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Spectral sights from the creepy coast! Whether you’re strolling around Portland or are an armchair visitor

From terrifying and historic haunted hospitals to abandoned buildings you never want to find yourself alone in after dark, here are our picks for the most haunted places in Oregon! Bend, Salem.

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Visit These 10 creepy ghost Towns In Oregon At Your Own Risk. The state of Oregon by its nature is frontier land, where scores of speculators, fur traders, and pioneers traveled; longing for their very own plots of land to live out the American Dream.

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Rhododendron Village Rhododendron, Oregon 37.7 miles from the center of Portland, OR. At this 1800s camping site for pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail, folks have reported strange sounds, doors opening and slamming, lights turning on and off, and floating orbs and other haunts who appear later in photographs.

Ghost sightings in Oregon. These are the most recent ghost sightings in Oregon Wheeler, Oregon – Location: Paradise Cove Wheeler or Upper Park Trailer. On July 2019 again tall dark shadow figure of a man was seen walking back and forth just outside our trailer tapping on the doors and jiggling the handles from the outside.

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