oregon vortex explanation

The Oregon Vortex is a roadside attraction located in Gold Hill, Oregon, in the United States. It consists of a number of interesting effects, which are gravity hill optical illusions, [citation needed] but which the attraction’s proprietors propose are the result of paranormal properties of the area.

A new analysis from a respected expert suggests that the images have a prosaic explanation-despite premature dismissals. sensing device manufactured by FLIR Systems of Portland, Oregon. From an.

Mystery Spot – Explanation. 8:44 AM Mistery No comments.. Santa Cruz (California), Oregon Vortex (Oregon) and Spook Hill (Florida). In these places, the tour guide will tell you about a point where the law of gravity no longer applies. If we get into the house at that point, we can.

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Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about House of Mystery At the Oregon Vortex. Ask a Question. Recommended. explanation of the ‘mystical energy’ in the area, and constant audience participation (not my thing). I think our guide used the word, "level" at least 300 times.

The Oregon Vortex The Oregon Vortex Enigma Imagination Revelation – The oregon vortex imagination revelation The Oregon Vortex. with no need for "trick"! (see the below video for visual explanation of these remarkable happenings). This Oregon vortex is explained as an amplified spherical.

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including the chic-term polar vortex that has brought a few arctic events to the East Coast. On the other hand, the West Coast has been dominated by persistent (boring) ridges of high pressure..

The Oregon Vortex is a spherical field of force, half above the ground and half below the ground. The word "vortex" simply means a whirpool of force, like a whirling mass of water. The word "vortex" simply means a whirpool of force, like a whirling mass of water.

Oregon Vortex, Gold Hill.. The Oregon Institute of Technology was in use for many years and then was suddenly abandoned with little or no explanation given as to why! Some of the building was demolished and the remains soon fell into disrepair.

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