where to find obsidian in oregon

We chose to hit the Davis Creek Obsidian area in Northern California. Prior to arriving at the dig sites, Rollie and I stopped at the Davis Creek Store to get our free forest service permits. The casual rockhound is allowed to collect and keep 100 pounds per year.

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How to Find Obsidian Rocks. Obtain a geologic map of obsidian localities. The mountainous regions of the western United States have a lengthy geologic history of volcanism which created a mass of obsidian deposits. Mines, claims and other known locations are found in abundance in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon and Utah, among others.

Oregon Fire Obsidian No two stones alike! I’d like to introduce a new variety of Obsidian the pair has discovered. It’s a gem grade material called Fire Obsidian. This specific Fire Obsidian does not compare to anything else in the world. It’s quality is much more than the finest of rainbow type obsidian from Oregon or Mexico.

If you’re looking for a place where reaching down and picking up fist sized chunks of obsidian is as easy as picking up apples off the ground in the fall, then you MUST visit Glass Butte, Oregon. This is where the roads literally glisten with obsidian, easily making it one of the best rockhounding locations in the Pacific Northwest and one of the largest and most diverse deposits of obsidian in the world!

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Overview . The fascinating geological area known as Glass Buttes, Oregon, is located about 70 miles east of Bend in Lake County. Rockhounders from all over come to the area to collect beautiful pieces of obsidian for which Glass Buttes is known.

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Glass Buttes in Central Oregon is a great place to find obsidian. Description and photos of the site including various types of obsidian and where to get additional information.

or find good rock to bring back and knap. He has collected rock in Scotland, Utah, Idaho, California, Idaho, and especially Oregon where he has collected 18 different types of obsidian at a mountain.

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