Where To Go For A Math Tutor In Portland Oregon

There are many benefits to having a math tutor. A math tutor is knowledgeable in the math subject and can help with identifying subject-related issues and help a child with developing an approach to solving a problem quickly. Overall, a math tutor will help your child improve their grades. Below are locations to go for a math tutor in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon.

1. Portland Math Tutor

John Lindgren from Portland Math Tutor is a skillful tutor who loves teaching math concepts and making it easier for students to comprehend. He is a full-time professional tutor consulting who has more than 20 years of experience tutoring students in NW Portland. He is also a graduate of both the University of California Santa Cruz and the California Institute of Technology. 

2. Portland Math Tutor LLC

Drew Laiche, a licensed Math teacher and private math tutor based in Portland, have tutor students in all grades and ages. He currently teaches math to both middle and high students at all grade levels. Laiche often meets with clients at locations such as PCC/PSU Library, Multnomah County Library, local coffee shops, and even often in-home tutoring services as well. Laiche charges a fee of $50 per hour. 

3. Christine’s Math Tutoring

Collectively, Christine has over fifteen years of teaching, tutoring, and mentoring students in mathematics at all levels. She has taught math in both public and private schools. She enjoys teaching and tutoring math in a one-on-one setting more often because it allows her to help students tackling specific areas in math. Christine feels confidence in working with students in a private setting since she can design lessons that will fulfill their interests and needs.

4. Katie Tutors Math

Katie double majored in both international studies and mathematics while she was a student at the University of Notre Dame. Currently residing in Portland, Katie is a high school teacher who enjoys helping students learn math both in and out of class. What makes Katie stand out among the rest is that she is an online math tutor who works with students through audio/video chat as well as an online whiteboard. Her mission is to help students solve problems and build confidence. 

5. Kumon

Kumon is a popular after school math and reading center with multiple locations nationwide dedicated to students from pre-k to 12th grade. Kumon has a learning center located in the Portland – Southwest area, which has class hours from 3 pm to 7 pm, Monday through Friday. This location offers free registration as well as five simple steps to enroll your child in the program online. 

Finding the right math tutor takes effort. Parents and guardians can rely on spreading word of mouth, reading posts on their community center bulletin boards, asking their children’s teachers and workers at their local libraries. Tutor Portland is among the top tutoring service in Portland, as well. Tutor Portland offers in-home services in subjects such as Spanish, chemistry, and Math too. Their mission is to provide their students with strategies that will help them improve their grades. 

If you are serious about learning math, I encourage you to look into Tutor Portland math tutors and what they have to offer.